I'm studying Human-Computer Interaction within the Inria Mint project-team. In my spare time, I wish I'd make musique more often instead of stringing ridiculous projects together with my imaginary and medieval friend Hubert Sainte-Force.

Jonathan Aceituno
IRCICA, Bureau 217
Parc scientifique de la Haute Borne
50, avenue Halley
59658 Villeneuve d'Ascq CEDEX, France
(+33) 3 62 53 15 79


Currently preparing a PhD in computer science at Inria Lille - Nord Europe with Nicolas Roussel.
Master 2 recherche (≈ master's degree) in computer science at Université Bordeaux 1, specialization in computer music and multimedia.
Master 1: first semester at Université de Bourgogne, second semester at Université de Sherbrooke (Canada).


International conference papers

  1. S. Malacria, J. Aceituno, P. Quinn, G. Casiez, A. Cockburn and N. Roussel. Push-Edge and Slide-Edge: Scrolling by Pushing Against the Viewport Edge. CHI'15. 4 pages. (to appear)
  2. J. Aceituno, G. Casiez and N. Roussel. How Low Can You Go? Human Limits in Small Unidirectional Mouse Movements. CHI'13. 4 pages.
    30" Video preview
  3. N. Roussel, G. Casiez, J. Aceituno, D. Vogel, Giving a Hand to the Eyes: Leveraging Input Accuracy for Subpixel Interaction. UIST'12. 8 pages.
  4. J. Aceituno, J. Castet, M. Desainte-Catherine, M. Hachet, Improvised interfaces for real-time musical applications. TEI'12. 4 pages.
    Video and demo

National conference papers

  1. J. Aceituno, N. Roussel, The Hotkey Palette: Flexible Contextual Retrieval of Chosen Documents and Windows. IHM'14. 5 pages.


  1. J. Aceituno, L. Potier, L'ordinateur portable comme instrument de musique. Demonstration, IHM'14 extended abstracts. 2 pages. Best demo award.
    More info
  2. J. Aceituno, L. Potier, The secret life of computers. Video showcase, CHI'14 extended abstracts. 1 page.
    VideoMore info
  3. J. Aceituno, Manipulation directe et accès indirect. Rencontres doctorales, annexe des actes IHM'13. 4 pages.


  1. J. Aceituno, Construction opportuniste de la musique. Master's thesis, Université Bordeaux 1. 57 pages, 2011.


  1. J. Aceituno, N. Roussel, The Hotkey Palette: Flexible Contextual Retrieval of Chosen Documents and Windows. Research report 8313, Inria. 8 pages, June 2013.



direct manipulation, indirect pointing, design and evaluation of interaction techniques, window management, personal information management, musical interaction


Reviewing for international journals
Human-Computer Interaction
Reviewing for international conferences
CHI 2013 (WiP), CHI 2015 (WiP)
Reviewing for national conferences
IHM 2012
  • Webmaster, member of the local organising committee, and student volunteer for the IHM 2014 conference.
  • Participant in the doctoral consortium of the IHM 2013 conference.
  • Editor for the IHM 2013 conference.
  • Participant in AFIHM's Rencontre Jeunes Chercheurs IHM, 2013.
  • Student volunteer for the CHI 2013 conference program committee meeting.

Scientific mediation

  1. Lab tour for Lycée Baggio (Lille), and talk: Quelques petites choses sur la recherche (et la musique). June 2014.
  2. J. Aceituno, N. Roussel, Douglas Engelbart, inventeur et visionnaire. 1024, bulletin de la Société Informatique de France, 2. January 2014. Joint publication with interstices.info.
  3. De la carte perforée à la tablette : histoire des interfaces et de l'interaction homme-machine (talk). Given as part of Inria's Chercheurs itinérants program for Fête de la science. October 2013, October 2014.